Classes and Workshops

Using Barbara Walker's Learn to Knit Afghan Book, we will learn the knitting basics and go on to learn all the
different techniques for knitting the afghan.  Please bring size 6, 7 or 8 needles & the "Learn to Knit Afghan" book
by Barbara Walker.   Yarn purchased here for class is 10% off.
Lunchtime on Tuesday   June 23- August 11: 1-2 pm Cost: $50
                      August 18-Oct 6; 1-2 pm Cost: $50
                      Oct 13 - Dec 1; 1-2 pm Cost: $50
ues eves:July 14 - Sept 1: 7-8 pm Cost: $50
        Sept 8 - Nov 3 (no class Sept 22); 7-8 pm Cost: $50
        Nov 10 - Dec 29; 7-8 pm Cost: $50
Fri Morn:   July 31 - Sept 18; 10 - 11 am; Cost: $50
         Sept 25 - Dec 11; 10 - 11 am; Cost: $50
Sat morn:   June 20 - August 15: 10 - 11 am; Cost: $50
        Aug 22 - Oct 10; 10 - 11 am; Cost: $50
        Oct 17 - Dec 5; 10 - 11 am; Cost: $50
Pick a new project to do  -- we have lots of ideas --- Baby Surprise, Ribwarmer, Felted Totes, Einstein
Jacket or any project you may need help with. Anyone who wants to learn Socks on DPN's is welcome.
Lunchtime on Tuesday   June 23- August 11: 1-2 pm Cost: $50
                      August 18-Oct 6; 1-2 pm Cost: $50
                      Oct 13 - Dec 1; 1-2 pm Cost: $50
Tues eves: July 14 - Sept 1: 7-8 pm Cost: $50
        Sept 8 - Nov 3(no class Sept 22); 7-8 pm Cost: $50
        Nov 10 - Dec 29; 7-8 pm Cost: $50
Fri Morn:  July 31 - Sept 18; 10 - 11 am; Cost: $50
         Sept 25 - Dec 11; 10 - 11 am; Cost: $50
Sat morn:   June 20 - August 15: 10 - 11 am; Cost: $50
        Aug 22 - Oct 10; 10 - 11 am; Cost: $50
        Oct 17 - Dec 5; 10 - 11 am; Cost: $50

            with BRANDON MABLEY
Brandon  will give an introduction to the Persian Poppy design.
Students wil lwork from a basic graph, which will be provided. Please bring to
class a selection of 10 light or brighter colors for the poppy plus 10 dark or
deeper colors for the background to start off with in a DK weight. Size 6, 7
or 8 needles (or whatever size is appropriate for your yarn). Brandon will
demonstrate the method of carrying yarn in fairisle knitting, weaving in ends as
you go and intarsia. He will work with students as they apply the technique to
their own knitting. This will help build your color confidence. Bring as many colors
as you can --- the more colors you have, the more choices and/or substitutions
you can make.  Requirements: Knit and purl stitch. Brandon will be bringing
samples of his knitted designs.
Date: Saturday, Nov 21 Time: 10 am - 5 pm  Cost: $80

CustomFit makes custom patterns for hand-knit sweaters. It takes your choices, your body, and your hand-
knit fabric and produces a pattern perfectly suited to you. Design and fit expertise are built-in, so you get
to make all the fun choices ("I want a long-sleeved scoop-neck!"), without worrying about the hard ones
("How much ease do I need in my waist?"). CustomFit builds a pattern that fits beautifully from hem to
neck, and everywhere in between.   It works like this: we take your measurements (just once), you knit a
swatch and choose your sweater elements (style, neckline, sleeve style, edgings, etc.). We put that
information into our special LYS CustomFit account and create a pattern that is perfect for you. Your
measurements are saved forever, so your second sweater is even easier!  Includes a  Knit to Flatter
overview, measurements, swatching and good fabric. Bring back swatches on the second day and then we will
design your sweater and create your pattern.
Dates:  Saturday, Aug 8 & 15; 1 pm - 3 pm; Cost:$30

KNITTERS BOOTCAMP with Lindsay Miller
Want to learn to knit? Whip your skills into shape during this 4-session
course, all while making a set of Washcloths,a pair of Fingerless Mitts and
a Market Bag. The  projects are fun to make, and they make great gifts.
Supplies: worsted weight cottons for the washcloths and market bag,
worsted weight wool for the fingerless mitts;  Size 7 needles,
straights & DPN's , Size 13 & 15 needles
Dates: Thursday, Sept 10, 17, 24 & Oct 1; 7pm - 8:30 pm  Cost: $60

CABLES with Kris Byrnes
Cables are a knitting skill that appear much more complicated than they are to work! Suitable for any
knitter that can knit and purl. We will explore the basics of making cables, learn how to read a cable
chart, and even experiment with cabling without a cable needle. Class supplies: smooth worsted weight yarn
in a solid light color, suitable needles (sizes 7-9 are best) and a cable needle. Homework: cast on 20
stitches and knit 4 rows garter stitch.
Date: Saturday, TBA, 1pm - 3 pm  Cost: $35

From Ravelry "as implied by the name “Hitofude”, meaning a single brush
stroke in Japanese, this open front cardigan with an allover lace pattern
is worked in one “yarn stroke” -- a continuous strand without cutting the
yarn.  The yarn stroke starts from the upper body and sleeves worked
together in a rectangular piece, then moves to lower body, where the
lace pattern increases evenly, creating a gentle drape."
Sizes start at XS and go to XXL.   Come join us for our summer KAL.
Dates: begin  Sunday, July 12th (we'll meet every Sunday for the rest of the summer)
Time:  1pm. Cost: $25 (includes pattern) -- 10% discount given for project yarn.

We'll do one square a month -- lots of cable techniques.  Come in and see the first few squares done! 10%
off of all yarn used for project. Materials needed:  GAAA book, yarn, needles and cable needle.  We will
continue this class for the Fall and winter -- you can still join in.
Dates: July 18, Aug 22, Sept 19, Oct 17, Nov 14, Dec 12 (rest of dates TBA)  Time: 2 pm - 4 pm  Cost:

FIX-IT CLINIC with Fran Gooch
Everybody makes mistakes when they knit—from small ones to big ones.
In this class we'll practice fixing some basic mistakes & tackle your specific questions too. Techniques
covered: - how to rip out many rows without losing any sts
- how to back out knits, purls, k2tog, yo, ssk, slipped sts, p2tog
- how to pick up dropped sts: knits, purls, yo, k2tog, & even cast on sts
- what to do when you run out of tail part way through casting on and how to avoid running out of tail in the
first place  - what to do when you're out of yarn in the middle of a bind off. Be sure to bring any projects
you have with mistakes in them! Class homework: Using size 8 needles and light-colored worsted weight
yarn, knit a square as follows: Cast on 40 stitches. Knit 8 rows. *Row 1: Knit, Row 2: K10, P20, K10*
Repeat these 2 rows for 2-3". Leave knitting on needle. Please bring Size 8 needles, worsted weight yarn,
a spare size 4 or 5 needle, 1 crochet hook (any size between E and H) and tapestry needle.
Date: TBA, 1-3 pm  Cost: $40

Learn to knit & purl the "Continental" way.
Date: Saturday,Aug 1; 1 pm - 3 pm Cost: $25